NytroSol is a renowned Mobile App Development company that works on the Android, iOS and Windows platforms, websites, ecommerce stores and internet of things (IoT) applications – especially for use with mobile devices. We have developed over hundreds of mobile applications on each platform that people love to use. NytroSol has expertise in all kinds of mobile applications for various client types because we are quite expert as well trustworthy & transparent. NytroSol can provide a complete concentration on the user-experience because people don’t like complexity. We will guide to confirm your app makes a current process simpler so that people may use it. If the app doesn’t have a much user experience & make it easier for the customer to do something within seconds otherwise no one’s to use it again. NytroSol expert team of Mobile App Development may help you enhance brand engagement with very fast, intuitive, creative & interactive app.

What Features You Will Get From App

Native App the most common type of app is a smartphone application used on a specific platform or cell phone. Native App may provide optimized fast performance, high degree of reliability and take advantage of the latest technology like GPS. There are two major mobile OS platforms i.e. Appl’s iOS & Google’s Android Navitve App is written in the code preliminarily used for the particular cell phone & its OS to perform faster and more flexibly than alternative app types.

Powerful System

Easily Editable

Perfect UI/UX

High Performance


Hybrid App is a combination of Native App and a Web app which may run on multiple platforms i.e. Android, iPhone as well Windows and feel like Native App. It is a single product which works on many operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows

  • Various hybrid mobile platforms to select from such as Ionic, IBM Worklite, PhoneGap and Xamarin
  • Simplify dependability on native iOS, Windows or Android phone developers.
  • Hybrid apps cost approximately 60-70% of native apps.
  • Speed time to market since the development time is reduced up to 50%

How it Works

Following are the most prominent advantages of Hybrid App:

  • Hybrid- App decreases the cost of development & you don’t need to hire different programmers
  • Hybrid App has a very low maintenance
  • Hybrid App has very shorter time to market the target audience very quickly & it saves time and energy
  • Hybrid App built on web technology HTML, CSS, JavaScript & it is much easier to build
  • Hybrid App is cheaper than a Native App
  • Hybrid App is one app for all platforms using technology like Cordova
  • Hybrid App needs no browser as opposed to a web
  • Hybrid App is faster to develop than Native App because single code base

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